We Offer Simple Cloud Computing!

Preview Technologies provides a rich array of cloud services that offer proven ROI. Our exuberant professionals allows service providers and enterprises to speed up and optimize the dispatch of web content and applications to end users across the world, irrespective of the type of connected device used by them. By employing Preview’s cloud services, you guarantee an improved experience for customers of your web site or web-based business applications.

We have an established track record of delivering ROI for our customers and have supplied our clients with high value cloud services. Software as a service (SAAS) – plainly defined as cloud-based applications accessed by the web or an API – keeps you ahead in the race. Functional SaaS apps deploy fast with least impact on IT resources to generate cognitive analytics, creative business processes and improved customer experiences. From human resources and finance to marketing, IT, and various other roles, SaaS apps keeps you on the fast track. Our Cloud Saas apps are scalable and safely secures your data. SaaS brings the following benefits.

Acts As Money Saver

Traditionally, deploying big-scale business-critical software systems, like ERP and CRM application suites, has been an expensive venture and also keeps the software away from the ambit of smaller organizations. SaaS applications, conversely don’t need the deployment of huge infrastructure at the client’s location, which removes or drastically lowers the upfront deployment of resources. Further, prospective customers are offered an opportunity to try the software for a limited duration before they purchase it which lowers the risk linked to software purchase. The software is paid for only for the time it is needed and subscriptions can normally be halted any time.

There are no extra hardware expenses with SaaS since the processing power needed to operate the applications is furnished by the cloud provider.

  • You can sign up and quickly begin using innovative business apps
  • Apps and data can be accessed from any linked computer
  • You don’t lose data if your computer breaks, since data is in the cloud
  • The service can dynamically scale to usage needs
  • Higher ROI and decreased maintenance cost
  • Less time for fast prototyping
  • Pay per use with nil upfront expenses and subscriptions can normally be stopped any time scaling down the purchaser’s risk.