UX (GUI) Designing

User Experience Design relates to hands on experience on research, development, testing, content, plus prototyping to check for quality results. An User Interface Design guides the transference of a product’s development, content, research and layout into an appealing, guiding and responsive experience for users. To put it simply, the importance of design in the tech industry is rising. However, the designers are not really able to create the finest user experience that exceeds the client’s satisfaction and end users are still viewing a wide gulf between the design and usability of the software or application used by them.

We, at Preview Technologies provide innovative and effective UX/UI designs which lead to far reaching business benefits in this era of digitization. We serve as the perfect UX/UI design partner in the present tech savvy world who appreciates the needs of an end user wholesomely.

The core strategy of our UX interface is adopting a user centric approach. We understand that actually users like products that are simple and readily usable and our motto is simplicity.

Minimalism and Interactive Design

We always intend to use minimalist designs that load fast and is preferred by mobile and desktop users. These designs lead to faster-loading sites which are visually alive with the contrasting colors, bold typography and appealing illustrations. The end user experience is one of maximum value and clutter-free. Our UX designers adopt basic gestures such as tapping or swiping to make users feel at ease with the interaction. Utilizing the most popular interactions has a reduced cognitive load and will be simple to use. The simple interface is faster to master as it needs less effort and comes normally to users.


A responsive interface is quick and you desire your interface and the associated system to operate fast. Users feel frustrated if they have to wait for the loading of a website. In reality, if your website doesn’t load in 3 seconds you will begin losing visitors fast as they begin striking the back arrow on their browser. Web sites and mobile apps that load and operate fast enhance the user experience.

Our UI and UX design team not only makes your app functional, but affords a pleasant experience to the users. Usability brings them back and discuss about it.

We, at Preview Technologies design the entire web experience from landing pages to user interfaces of web applications. Keeping the audience in mind, our UI and UX designers ensure product optimization for all screen resolutions – desktop, tablet and Smart Phone.

We build streamlined interfaces that offer a smooth and intuitive user experience. Our design team ensures iOS and Android apps are compliant with design principles and accommodate all screen sizes.

Preview Technologies being a Website designing Company, has a talented pool of designers, who strive to build specific, user friendly and search engine friendly websites to complete your Online presence. We combine our industry experience of over 9 years and innovative thinking to supply you the finest website layout which compels your rivals and visitors to go gaga.