Preview Technologies Enters Into The EcoSystem Services Segment

Biodiversity is life that sustains this planet and India ranks as amongst the 12- mega biodiversity countries worldwide. Endowed with 2.5% of land region, India is already home for 7.8% of the global recorded species. India has abundant quantity of traditional and indigenous knowledge, coded as well as informal.

Conserving these valuable resources will help to preserve our biodiversity and traditional knowledge. Uttar Pradesh also boasts of floral diversity with 1017 genera and 2932 plant species. Its faunal diversity includes 41 species of 11 genera under 6 families such as protozoa, nematodes, insecta, freshwater Mollusca and vertebrates. The total percentage of animal species in UP with respect to India was 2.76.

The National Biodiversity Authority (NBA), State Biodiversity Boards (SBB) and Biodiversity Management Committees (BMC) were all set up under the Biological Diversity Act at the level of Panchayats, Municipalities and City Corporations to further conservation, sustainable utilization and equitable distribution of benefits of biodiversity resources of India, comprising habitats, cultivars, besides domesticated stocks and breeds of animals and micro-organisms.

Maintaining such documentation for the state of Uttar Pradesh for its entire villages by the UP State Biodiversity Board through its E-PBRs listing its flora, fauna and animal diversity was a pressing need for the Board. The Board approached Preview Technologies, a Business Process Management and Enterprise Mobility Solutions Company with a proven track record of 8 years in deploying business solutions. Their expertise in mobile device management and cloud services helped in evolving data compilation strategies.

Business Goals

Collecting PBR (Peoples Biodiversity Register) data from over 56,000 villages of UP and creating report for every village group by Block, District, Tehsil and Division which includes approval by multilevel user. Compilation And Storing Of People’s Biodiversity Register Data in Cloud-Based and Mobile Applications to be accessible for all including the local village communities.


  • Integration of Non Technical data provided by the users during data management
  • Huge volumes of data which is mostly unstructured as against the kind of data that is keyed in software and database applications. It also needs a great amount of storage space necessating constant scaling of hardware and software to accommodate growth.
  • Heterogeneous nature of data requires data virtualization for access and optimal storage in cloud.


  • Different interfaces and platforms are used for compilation of the data comprising Web Application for Departmental Users and Mobile App at Village level to store the large volume of data.
  • The process of data storage requires proper technology and database to store big data in the form of new applications within the cloud and the use of NoSQL databases.
  • It’s vital to pick the correct API platform and multiple different API models may be required for optimal functioning of your environment. Secure API’s should be promoted by measures like manual checking of API code by security expert to avoid poorly written code, ensure to check that sensitive data stays encrypted when not needed in plain text and developers must completely understand how to correctly implement API’s.
  • Technical assistance and regular trainings would be provided at all levels for proper use of web based and mobile apps. Departments and villagers would be instructed on how to correctly use the web and mobile based applications.


  • As a result of the efforts of Preview Technologies the PBR data of over 56,000 villages was available on cloud granting instant access anywhere and anytime to all. The database was maintained in cloud, which made it easier for users to access and analyzes the data.
  • The information could be stored digitally in a paperless format affording convenient exchange, use and display of data.
  • The well documented PBR on mobile apps was made available to gram panchayats and the local village institutions.
  • The system provides for secure cloud storage and distributes access on the application level

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