Plantation Management System’s main objective is hassle free management and monitoring of sapling from sowing in nursery to transplanting at plantation site. This exercise of management and monitoring done in many phases from field data collection to real time dynamic Admin dashboard.

User Interface

  • User friendly and information rich interface.
  • Easy to go and self explanatory navigation system.
  • Graphical representation of data.

System Security

  • System Security Audit by third party auditor.
  • Hosted on State Data Center.
  • Encrypted data storage of user logins.

System Integration

  • PMS is consist of Web App, Interactive Voice Recording System and Android based Mobile App.
  • PMS is also integrated with existing web app Nursery Management System.
  • Inspection of Nurseries and Plantation Sites are digitized with Mobile App.

Real-Time System

  • Real- Time tracking of every information entered in PMS.
  • Rea-Time graphical representation of every activity performed in PMS.
  • Real-Time Inspection and Monitoring of Nurseries and Plantation Sites.

Data Collection

  • PMS collects very detailed data through multiple stages which is easy on users.
  • Every Plantation Site data includes basic information of physical location along with linked nurseries, species to be sowed and Site polygon on Google Map using KML or multiple GPS points.
  • Mobile inspection of Plantation Sites and Nurseries are easily synced with web app.


The core part of PMS is various type of reporting. Reporting include both graphical and tabular representation. Zone-wise DPR, Circle-wise DPR, Division-wise DPR, Site-wise DPR, Detailed Project Report, Site Polygon Details Division and Site-wise, Division-wise stock availability, Dispatch Plan Detail, Receipt Plan Detail, Auditor/Witness Details, Seed Sowing Report, Division-wise and Circle-wise Real-Time Planting progress on Plantation Day, Online User List with IP Address and Third Party (KPMG,TERI) reports.