Internet of Things (IoT) – Unravelling the Infinite Possibilities

The power of the Internet as estimated would link 50 billion objects by the year 2020. This comprises not just smart devices such as cellphones and tablets, but even coffee makers, jet engines, washing machines, light lamps, stereo headphones, digital wearable gadgets and nearly everything with a sensor on it. This extensive network of myriad objects is better named as the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things (IoT) comprises a virtual network where each object is assigned and identified by a unique address (Technically called IP address) and has a wonderful ability to exchange and receive data across a network without any kind of communication between human-to-computer or human-to-human. It enables objects to be sensed and managed across the globe, moulding excellent opportunities to link with the physical world into computer-oriented systems, and yielding enhanced adeptness, precision and economic gain.

It is developed from the power of the Internet, micro-electromechanical signals, and wireless technologies. In the IoT, items may be a heart monitoring implants, DNA analysis gadgets for food or pathogen monitoring, electric clams in coastal waters or an automobile carrying inbuilt sensors that cautions the driver if anything wrong is suspected. In fact, it may be anything (natural or man-made objects) that can be alloted a specific IP address.

The Internet of Things has the potential to transform the world, just like the internet did. IoT presents unrivalled businesses avenues and allows you to spread your business in absence of any boundaries. Further, it assists to link more clients to your business, and simplify the business operations.

IoT rests on communication between two or more digital devices. It is designed on cloud computing system and large networks of information-provider sensors. With a hugely mobile workforce, “Internet of Things” possesses extraordinary capabilities that can let people take smart decisions and improve living standard. This platform of IoT that connects devices with each other via the internet is supported by inbuilt sophisticated chips, sensors and an exclusive identification code. These smart devices can sense, interact, and transmit valuable data to any location, at all times.

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Preview Technologies presents solutions with IoT to remodel your business in a smarter way. Through end to end IoT solutions, we provide safe, smart and connected experience. IoT helps to join increasing plethora of devices. Our IoT applications aid to establish the connection with one touch by smartphones or smart devices. Our experienced crew of developers provide you a wholesome IoT solutions for various domains such as linked factories, smart buildings or home automation systems, connected vehicles and connected field service.

As an expert in our domain, we know the value and potential of Internet of Things (IoT) market for the vendors. At Preview Technologies, we are dedicated to discovering new opportunities with custom IoT solutions that strongly supervise a good number of devices, ease your operations and serve in augmenting the returns over the investment. We develop custom and robust IoT applications with an objective to decrease complexity and lower expenditure. Our specialists perform with real-time insight and custom oriented approach to attend all your business requirements. We aim to guarantee that you can make effective use of device data while extending customer reach.

We design the IoT solutions with end-to-end connectivity. Our experts are well acquainted with device vendor agnostic and virtualization methods and always supply secure, scalable and efficient platforms.

Our experts conduct exhaustive testing to ensure maximum efficiency, as per the set industry norms. Device lab testing, mobile application testing and automated testing are a few testing we do before offering the solution to you.