Web Design & Development

Your website constitutes the most vital component of the marketing plan of your company. It forms the central hub for your messaging and content marketing initiatives. The different marketing materials should uphold and drive traffic to your website. With the advancement of website design and development technology over the years, you are in possession of greater digital marketing tools.

Preview Technologies work with you to create a user experience that delivers value to your audience through a process of repeat visits plus social media referrals. We create top quality websites that will be a definite asset for your business and brand ideas, thereby designing an improved brand impression and user-friendly interface. Preview’s web design and utility services can develop an entirely new digital interface for your business. It offers the ideal designing background that renders a website exceptional. Our specialized experts in designing and utility service areas develop top quality portals.

We are building top notch websites and web solutions utilizing the most recent cutting edge technologies to keep your business promising before the online customer. Your website content plays the vital role in drawing good traffic to your website and so the content should be fresh and relevant. A good content management system is needed to modify, erase and upload content in your website successfully. Preview’s effective content management systems can be operated in different web technology platforms ideally.

Our web designing procedures have been made most innovative and promising employing the new HTML5 and CSS3 software. Among the biggest advantages of HTML5 is its compliance with CSS3, DOM and javascript. This avoids the need for adopting additional plugins for purposes of designing.

We create beautiful responsive websites to provide for increased conversion rates and overall web traffic. By developing a single website that adapts to various devices, responsive web design is mandatory to aid optimise your website for search engines. Rather than creating links or optimizing content for diverse websites, you will just require to market one responsive website. Moreover, the URL structure will stay similar on all devices, bettering your search engine display and rankings. Our organized methods include:

Strategic planning to define the larger picture

Among the first things you require to do before beginning work on a Web design project is to be explicit about your customer or organization’s goals. What are you attempting to accomplish with the latest website or redesign? What is the main purpose of the website? Question your client, your manager or yourself about those. And if it is not known yet, then it should be debated and agreed upon. It is vital to have a clear direction for your design to carry a purpose.

Your website isn’t just a piece of art, but an interface that performs a function. That function might be to sell goods, to dispatch informational data, to entertain, to apprise or to gain access to a service. Whatever that function is, your design must highlight on accomplishing it. Goals are also vital, particularly if you’re performing a redesign. You should inquire about the purpose of the redesign, whether you are looking to increase the number of sign-ups, lower the bounce rate or perhaps raise user participation.

Interactive Design Procedures To Impart The Proper Look And Feel

Interactive web design comprises the procedure of designing and building websites that are interactive to the maximum level, to create a more unique and user-friendly site. This usually involves different levels of programming and designing scripts and various features that permit user interactions with a website to be easy and straightforward. Diverse programs can be utilized in designing and advancing these kind of sites, and the precise nature of such sites rests to a large extent on what the designer wants to accomplish. Interactive web design frequently takes favour of various elements of “usability” to generate a user interface for a website that is intuitive and strong.

Among the most vital aspects of web design is the idea and implementation of the user interface (UI) for a portal. The UI, commonly taking the shape of a graphical user interface (GUI), is the manner in which users of a website will really navigate and utilize the site. This includes different buttons, directories, menus and various alternatives that enable someone to see the different pages and details present on a website. Various courses can be adopted to design a UI for interactive web design, though the general aim is to build a UI that is easy to use and adaptable.

Interactive web design must be interactive in various ways, though not so interactive as to be perplexing. It should allow a website user to navigate different pages and menus on a website conveniently.

Multiple tools are often utilized in interactive web design, involving various types of applications and software. This contains not just applications for website layouts, but also programs that can be utilized to design interactive menus carrying buttons and different options for a website user. The menus may be animated, enabling users to view more easily how their actions influence the website, and can incorporate color and font modifications to show how a user is interacting with a page. Websites frequently undergo a considerable amount of testing to ensure proper implementation of the interactive web design, which can include all from paper prototyping to beta testing to evaluate the usability of the UI.

    Preview Technologies provide the following benefits for your business:
  • Coordinate with you on a web site design that matches the image of your company
  • Build a unique web site design that is appealing and simple to navigate
  • Strike a harmony between nice-quality images and quick download time
  • A tidy and intuitive interface
  • Propel your web site rankings high on search engines and retain a high ranking
  • Optimal usability and convenient navigation
  • Totally original designs

Consultative Approach for Content Management

Want to handle your content generation and management process? Come to Preview Technologies and we will create a comprehensive, user-friendly, content management system (CMS). We utilize recent technologies to fashion solutions for your creation, management plus publishing needs.

We analyse your needs and create applications on a CMS solution that functions for your organization.

Interactive web design must be interactive in various ways, though not so interactive as to be perplexing. It should allow a website user to navigate different pages and menus on a website conveniently.

Our team operates on various content management systems plus open source technology to build applications that really make a difference for our customers. Our consultative and buoyant approach to development allows us to work with our customers to analyse their content management needs, and design a responsive website or application customized to their organization’s particular needs.